Starting from early April we will be stocking a wide range of perennial plants. The season starts of in the early weeks of April when we have a large selection of Alpines these normally include Aubrieta, phlox, Arabis, Dianthus and a few more unusual ones. It is at this time of the year that we sell our range of early season perennials these are sold green with a coloured label. It is really a great time to plant them now as they very quickily get established and put on good growth before flowering. The one question we are always being asked is about the hardiness of perennial plants this is a very contentious subject and there is a more in depth article in our growing tips section .

We also have a limited stock of perennial plants that we have overwintered on the nursery one of the more popular lines being the Heucheras which represent excellent value for money. Check our latest availability list for details.

Heucheras are a great addition for Autumn and early spring as they provide colour throughout the year. Another positive is that they require very little maintenance coming in a multitude of stunning colours they are a great addition to any garden, they even look great in winter hanging baskets

Popular Perennials