Plant Catalogue

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Starting from late March we will be stocking an extensive range of plants our range will include -:

Alpines, Herbaceous Perennials, Patio and Basket Plants, Spring Summer and Autumn Bedding plants as well as a selection of popular vegetable plants. Please check monthly availability list

Argyranthemum Hot Pink

As we progress through the season the stock will change, in the early colder spring months we will have a selection of frost hardy spring flowering plants to include Pansies, Violas, Primroses, Bellis, and Dianthus . Then as the weather starts to warm up the early summer bedding and patio plants become available Antirrhinum, Mimulas and Argyranthemum are some of the more popular as they are quite robust and will tolerate some colder weather.

It is not until the weather warms up that we will start to sell the more exotic summer patio and bedding plants, as in our experience putting these out to early results in the plants becoming stressed and therefore a lot more susceptible to pest and diseases and even worse dyeing altogether.

Early season colour