Bedding Plants

The days of the traditional mass planting of bedding plants in private gardens have long gone. With gardens getting ever smaller and the inherent cost most people now opt for smaller displays and planting pots and various containers. The range and varieties of bedding plants has never been better with something to suit every taste.

Mass Bedding Displays

Every year we stock an extensive range of traditional bedding plants, starting in early April with frost hardy varieties of spring bedding and then continuing through the later spring and summer months with the less hardy ones. A common mistake is planting summer bedding out to soon see our growing tips section for more info on planting times.

The bedding plants we supply are in the majority of cases F1 varieties as these are much more vigorous, are less susceptible to diseases and are more floriferous . During the main season they are sold in packs of 6, 9 and 12 dependent on cultivar. We also have selection of single potted bedding items such as primroses, dianthus and some of the more unusual lines we stock, which in turn complement our range of patio plants. Please check latest availability.

During early April and May we will have in stock a large selection in a variety stunning colours of Pansies, Violas, Bellis, Primroses and dianthus.

Latest Stock