Fruit &Vegetable Plants

Throughout the growing season we will be stocking a large range of seasonal fruit and vegetable plants. Please check our availability page for latest stock . Growing your own fruit veg and salad crops is becoming ever more popular all though it is not particularly cost effective, its more about the sense of achievement. Even better it can be a great way of encouraging the kids to eat fresh fruit and veg. As if they get involved in the growing process they normally are very keen to eat the fruits of there labours.

Even better news is that you don’t need a large garden or an allotment to grow your own, as a lot of the modern varieties of fruit and veg will grow perfectly well in containers a good examples of this is dwarf broad bead sutton which only grows to about 2 foot tall but produces a very good crop or you could try raspberry’s and rhubarb which also preform well. For further information on this topic visit Growing Tips where there is a more in depth article.

Container Pots

We normally have a selection of large containers in stock or to order. The most popular sizes being the 50ltr which is great for potatoes, raspberries, rhubarb, brassicas, broad, runner, and french beans, then the 35ltr more suited to salad crops carrots and smaller less vigorous species. Also in stock we have Erin Traditional Multipurpose compost which is a high quality peat based compost, which in our trials came a close second to our growers quality levington M2 professional compost.

  • The 50ltr contaier price each £10.00
  • The 35ltr container Price each £7.50
  • Erin Compost 70ltr bag £7.50 per bag