Early Summer Bedding Info

Petunia Finity Mix
Very popular summer bedding Variety large flowers on a compact plant. Prefers full sun, will not do well in very wet or shaded position. May suffer damaged by frost !

Impatiens F1 Mix
A new generation of impatiens which now offers a very high resistance to downy mildew, a problem which has been prevalent over the last few years and caused major problems when growing impatiens. We trialed this variety last year and found them to be excellent . A good range of vibrant colours. May suffer frost damage !

Mimulus Magic
Aka the monkey plant- an early summer plant for beds and containers. Its unusual exotic blooms make it very eye-catching.

Top Tip: When the blooms fade and the plant becomes untidy, don’t be afraid to cut it right back! Feed well and it will produce new growth and another flush of flower.

Aka snapdragon – an early flowering summer plant available in a multitude of striking colours. Suitable for beds and containers and will tolerate the colder nights in late spring.

Appeal Mix
A dwarf variety that works very well in pots and containers, growing only 8-10″ tall . Flowers very early in the season.

Sonnet Mixed
A very sturdy, heat tolerant variety that is topped with colourful flowers spikes with a height of 18-24″. Can be used as a short lived perennial in milder areas

Top Tip : Be careful not to over water or feed until the plants become well established . Remove faded blooms to encourage repeat flowering .